Accurate thermometer needed

Found 29th Jun 2009
Hi, Where can I get an accurate thermometer?
And how will I know it's reading true?
I had 4 in my fridge last night and all were reading diferent! Pah!
2 were digital and 2 were old fashioned prongy ones.
I've been put off buying thermometers many times because when I see some on display they are all reading diferent so THEY can't be any good.
It's getting my temperature up....:-(
If you suggest any, can you qualify how you know it will read true please?
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Look for one with an NPL [National Physics Laboratory] certificate. For a properly certified thermometer you should get change out of £100 and you should get it re-certified every 5 years.
Or - if they ready that high. Put the ends in to boiling water [but not touching the bottom of the pan]. Don’t ever put them in a microwave!
The boiling water will have to be 100c.
Then just take the best and put them in a glass of ice and water.
That should be 0c.
The one that reads closest to 100 and 0c is probably okay.
Digital thermometers are usually good for 1-2c accuracy.
Alcohol thermometers can be pretty good, down to 1c.
Old style mercury ones are usually bang on, just bloody dangerous.
Thanks Joe.
I've only just seen your reply.
Butt thanks.
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