AC/DC Tickets - Not For Sale..... YET! :-)

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Found 4th Jun 2009

Just wodnering if there would be any interest on here in 4 x tickets to the upcoming AC/DC concert at Hampden Glasgow?

Tickets are seated, and for the 30th June.

Thinking of posting them on forum, when i receive them, and obviously just looking for face vale (plus postage) back.

Would this interest anyone, or should i just start advertising elsewhere already?


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I think you would get more than face value if you put them on fleabay/similar sales site tbh
were these £65 each ?


I've got a mate who would definitely take at least one of them off you. The poor boy nearly cried when he missed out on getting the tickets himself. It was to be his first gig and everything, bless 'im. I'm trying to get through to him by phone right now, and I;ll let you know what he says ASAP. It's his day off today, so if all goes smoothly, you might even have cash in hand for them this afternoon.,

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Thanks for the replies people.

I was thinking of selling them either as a four, else two pairs, but i suppose in keeping with HUKD rules, maybe two tickets is classed as two of the one item, lol!

I guess i possibly would get more on eBay for them, but not overly fussed, just want money back.

Tickets worked out at basically £245 for the 4, meaning about £61.25 a ticket. I would then either meet people to hand them over, if suitable, else post them out, at buyers expense.

Don't have tickets in hand yet though, hence why haven't listed on forum as far. Be due any time though, as concert not too far away, and tickets usually get dispatched few weeks before.

I just spoke to my mate, and for reasons he didn't explain, he said he didn't want them. I'[m quite taken aback by this, and I'm a little worried about him, since he's a massive fan, and it was supposed to be his first gig. He was so excited before. I think he must've had a fight with the girlfriend last night or just been woken up from a nightmare or something, he sounded incredibly down. Very strange.

I'll drop you a PM if he gets back to me having changed his mind. And cash in hand would definitely be doable if he does, since we're both in Edinburgh, although travelling out to nearby cities is no problem for either of us.

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No probs, thats fine, although maybe a little worrying to you, lol!

Tickets not advertised anywhere yet anyway, so feel free to get in touch any time.

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