Acekard 2i on a Euro/UK/PAL DSi

    Just had a thought but will the Acekard 2i actually work on a european DS, mainly interested as there is the region-lock to think about..



    I don't believe it will. I did advise some weeks ago that people should wait before buying one.

    Then again, anyone buying a DSi has more money than sense.

    not if you managed to get it under £75 quid like i did trading in games to buy the dsi with games games that cost me at £73.!!

    and trading a ds with more games costing then again at approx £105

    Haven't got a DSi to test with but I have an Acekard with the Akaio firmware on and to be honest it made a massive difference. The speed of this thing now is unbelievable and it was already pretty fast before.

    sister traded her old 1 in today and 3 games got dsi for 36 quid thats not too bad

    I did something similar at Game and ended up paying about 20 quid. Bought the Acekard 2i from Digital Era for about 17 quid. Works like a charm!!

    The only thing to note is that you have to download the latest software and put it on your microSD card before it will do anything.
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