Acer 5315 Slow slow slow

    Hi all looking for some advice on speeding up a new acer 5315 from the recent bargain crazy deal £219. I have fitted 3gb of ram and it still apprears sluggish, 512mb standard.
    it has a celeron 1.86ghz processor and 80gb hdd.

    any help would be appreciated.

    cheers Mark.


    Honestly, if it were me I'd lose Vista and install XP, it will be lightening quick then.

    Well,spec of this computer are really poor,so dont expect too much from it. Nothing more to say,unfortunately.

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    I can buy a intel T8100 chip from a friend for £40 would this fit?.

    It is highly unlikely you will be able to change the processor,Can you post the exact specs of the machine including hard drive speed and every bit of software that is running,I have to agree that Software is the only way you will be able to speed things up unless you have a slow hard drive
    (4200rpm ) there is very little else you can do mechanically,Try using the Windows experience index,Go to
    control panel
    classic view
    windows experience index
    and refresh
    this will tell you what is slow on your laptop

    I use this method when speeding up a heavily used slow computer, or a factory software installed computer.

    xp.... press start

    mouse click run

    type, msconfig

    a window opens look for the tab startup

    all these are programs that startup with your machine normally lots are not needed only virus software ect....

    untick all but your virus software, your computer will need to reset, once reset tick the box that apperes.

    now thats all thats normally needed if somthing thats needed hasn't loaded just go though the same process and correct.

    vista same but type msconfig in the search on the start bar.

    better method below hehe (many thanks will use that )

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    windows experience ratings

    processor 4.1

    ram 4.5

    graphics aero 3.0

    graphics 3d 3.3

    hard disk 4.9


    I can buy a intel T8100 chip from a friend for £40 would this fit?.

    It depends. Intel seem to have an absurd range of different socket types for their mobile chips, and some will work, while others just won't fit the socket. I got stung myself while trying to upgrade my Acer 5633 (if that's that right number) because Intel limit certain CPUs to certain sockets by removing certain pins, and the chip I bought had two pins missing from the top right corner vertically, while the chip I was trying to replace had two pins missing from the top left corner horizontally. [SIZE="3"]..[/SIZE] compared to[SIZE="3"] :[/SIZE] . It sucked.

    That said, if I was you, I'd chance it. Although, if you don't want to chance it, ask your mate if it's alright for you to PM me his email address, because I'd very much like to buy his chip, since the still-unupgraded 1.66GHz chip of mine just isn't powerful enough to let me run all the Guitar Rig 3 effects that I want to run simultaneously.

    Regarding your system though, what Antony said is what I was going to suggest. That, plus patching Vista up to SP1 and installing all the updates if you haven't already. Installing WinXP would also be a great help. I've done so on my Acer, and the system flies.

    Im runnin Xp on acer 4151 Travelmate 1.5 and it runs fast as hell I can't kil it and I make it work. i.e. duel screening with videos, ext sound card, portable drive.
    2gig mem upgraded from the 40gig to a 160gig drive,
    Like above turn off autostart progs u don't need and in the startup folder in the start menu progs etc. Adobe,Microsoft Office etc and check your virus doesn't do a check everytime you power up.

    Im wanting to Acer 18.4" bigboy bluray etc but waiting till new version of windows is out to check it out. and views on windows yet

    If its brand new and sluggish with 3gig of RAM. New processor. Vista need 3gig to run and the processor isn't brilliant. Install XP and you won't have a problem.

    I got the acer 5310 from bargain crazy which is almost identical but cpu is slower.

    Mine was so slow when I got it. But now it has 2 gig of ram and i wiped it completely and did a clean install and now it is fine.

    It handles vista just fine with no issues at all. It starts up fast and shuts down in a few seconds. It runs office and opens word docs very quick and plays xvids perfectly and internet is just as it should be.

    I find all acers run **** from the factory and always benefit from a propper clean install without all the acer bloatware the bung on.

    Give it a go as you have an extra gig of ram. Don't listen to people who say it can't run it as it can run it fine when installed correctly. Now it will not run games but I did not get it for games and for under £200 it was a bargain!
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