Acer 5532 15.6" widescreen laptop - Help

    Hi, wonder if any one can help? I have looked at buying this laptop online from Currys, online it says that it has an inbuilt webcam, but on going to the store to have a look before ordering there was no web cam and the staff said that as far as they knew there was not one installed. I phone their Customer Services and they say yes there is but he was just looking at the same online page as me. Has anyone bought one of these?



    i work in a currys, there is no webcam on this laptop.
    i've sold about 15 today and demo'd it enough times

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    OK, thanks - really annoying though as the web site says that it does - arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Acer seems to be a bit coy about handing out the full model number, The '5532' will be a base model that comes in several configurations. Given the confusion it seems likely that some of those configurations have webcams and some don't. The Full model number for acers is the 5532 bit followed by a dash and some numbers and letters. e.g. 5532-3070guk
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