Acer 5920 Battery Problems

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Found 1st Aug 2009
I have an 16 month Acer 5920g laptop which gets used a couple of times a week. The battery was flat so I charged it and within half an hour the amber light changed to green to say it was fully charged. I switched on the laptop and it says its 100% charged but only has 36 mins battery life. It used to last for nearly 2 hours.

I presume the battery is knackered but is there anything to fix the battery or is it a case of buying a new battery.

I recently changed from Vista to Windows 7 pre release, could this be the cause.



New battery required , my Fujitsu did the same thing after 2 years , although I just run it on mains now constant as I never travel with it.
Have you tried running it to see how long it takes to shut down on battery ???

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It lasts for about 40 mins. A new battery costs about 50-60 quid, there are some on fleabay for 30ish quid from Hong Kong but they are probably c**p. Might just use it as a main pc for home connected to the mains.


you should not use your laptop with the battery connected on Main power !! the battery is really for powering up and then draining out. It dies out quicker if you leave main on and battery on the laptop. You can use the laptop having the battery taken out and keeping only main power connected.
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