Acer 5920 Factory Restore without Disc?

Posted 2nd Jan 2012
I've recently bought a new laptop and as a result I want to give my older one to my parents for them to start off with.

My old Acer 5920, I bought from Tesco's just over two years ago. It never came with any Acer disc only the Windows Vista OEM sticker on the bottom.

Is there anyway I can restore the laptop back to it's original state without any discs?

If it's of any use, the Acer drive ( C: ) is near full but the Data drive ( D: ) is empty.


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There is a key combination on boot, it's del and something, let me look.

There is a key combination on boot, it's del and something, let me look.

Nope, wrong lol.

When you turn it on, press and hold ALT+F10 - This should chuck it into recovery mode.

For goodness sake when you recover it, make some discs! Because if the HDD fails, you will need them.
I just done a restore on my daughters Acer laptop due to it being extremly slow. But after a clean install of vista the laptop reboots after say 2 min's.

I removed the back and gave the fan a good clean but alas it still re-boots after 2 min's.

help req lol
So by doing this, it'll restore the laptop back to its original state?

It'll also wipe all it's data? Photos, videos, My Documents etc?

I've moved all of my stuff onto an external hardrive.
Im sure her stuff it up on a cloud.

I ask her when she gets in
Running a recovery via Alt+F10 will restore your laptop to factory settings and will wipe all data. When you turn it on after the recovery the unit will be as it was brand new out of the box.
Thanks guys. Will give it a try in the week.

One other question. I've run a Crucial scan and it's capable of upgrading to 4GB Ram.

I'm thinking of upgrading the RAM and installing Windows 7.

The laptop has a Inter Core 2 Duo processer (2.0 Ghz ) and meets the requirements needed for Windows 7. Is it easy to upgrade?
Upgrading the ram is very easy, just have to unscrew the screws in the base door cover, you will be needed 2 sticks of 2gb ddr2 ram. (I have some for sale if you need any.)upgrading to windows 7 is very easy, I would recommend running the Acer recovery first and then run the windows 7 setup which gives you the option to upgrade. hope this helps
The Crucial scan say it can hold either DDR2 PC2-6400 or DDR2 PC2-5300 (Non ECC). How much are you looking for the RAM?
For Samsung 6400s DDR2 2GB x 2? £30 include postage. Sent via PayPal gift.
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Im sure her stuff it up on a cloud.I ask her when she gets in

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I've tried the Alt and F10 option on start up and nothing happens.

It's only when I release the buttons does a small purple bar start to load then the laptop boots up as normal.

My C drive is nearly full but the D drive is empty. Should the D drive have some sort of recovery file located on it? The reason why it's not entering the recovery mode?

Anyway I can factory restore?
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