Found 6th Mar 2008
Hi all, any help appreciated.
I bought an Acer al1721 off here a few months back (so its second user) and it has a weird just turns itself off randomly. It will be fine for an hour, then will just go dead, if I take the power connector out and reconnect it it will work again.
However when it goes dead the little green light still stays lit on the power brick, so im thinking maybe the power unit isnt faulty afterall.

Basically, anyone had any problems like this, and anyone know where to get tft repairs, I only paid £35 quid for it so if the repair cost more than say £50 I wouldn't bother.
Any input at all would help!

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sorry should have explained properly...its a monitor not a tower or laptop.
ive tried it one 3 different computers, so it cant be sttings on a computer...

Not hugely knowlegable bout monitor psu's but psus in general can overheat and/or fail to provide enough power to the item, despite them appearing to be live so green light may not be relevent check the psu rattings in output volts and amps and see if u can borrow an equivalent (double check connector polarity) to test with
ps check ur power saving settings on the monitors itself, some can be set to switch off automaticall after a period of time

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ok, i'll try my hand at things, and report back, cheers.
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