Found 19th Jan 2010
Can anyone give me tips on the best way to output my blu-ray DVD's to my HD tv via the Acer Arcade Deluxe application?

At the moment, it seems when the DVD's are played on my laptop there are black lines at the top and bottom, so when played on my tv these black lines are much bigger. I went to change my settings on my Samsung tv, but on the screen settings I could only choose 'Wide' or '4:3'. Does anyone know why I can't change this setting to 16:9?

Also, when I first connected up the HDMI cable from my laptop to the tv, i used Fn+F5 to output on the tv. There were 5 options and I could choose either one by pressing Fn+F5. I chose the middle one, however, now when I connect the cable it chooses this option automatically and I can't change it. Should I be using any of the other options and what are the other options?

Thirdly, what settings should I be using on the computer or in the Arcade Deluxe application. At the moment the display output is 'Cinema Vision'. Should this be 'Letterbox'?

Any help would be much appreciated, as at the moment I'm struggling a bit.


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Wide is 16:9.

Is it? Told you I was clueless!!

Why on normal tv settings do I have the option of 16:9 or wide then if they're both the same?
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