Acer aspire 1 about linux

    wondering if you guys could help me work out if i buy a acer aspire 1 with linux is it easy to put windoxs xp onto?? thanks


    It is indeed - there's been several threads about this on the forum and listed below is the most recent one that's on the go.

    Thread Name: "Acer Aspire One A110-Ab Netbook..can XP be installed on this?"
    Internet Link:…an/

    There's also a good forum on the go for owners of the Acer Aspire One Netbooks - they have some good guides in place covering how to get Windows XP/Vista installed onto them. If you check out the following link you'll get into the forum - hope that helps you out but note that the 8GB SSD model needs you change configurations to speed up the I/O for them.

    Acer Aspire One User Forum
    Internet Link:

    Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:

    Depends on your level of computer knowledge. If you've installed Windows on a bare PC and understand the principle on making a USB stick a boot device then you should be OK. Useful info here:…llY

    I haven't got around to installing XP on my Acer One yet !

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    wots the actual linux program like?


    wots the actual linux program like?

    OK. A bit limited and takes a bit of getting used to if you've only ever used Windows. It's not full Linux but a scaled down version.
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