Acer Aspire l5100

    Hi, what do you people think of this?…134 been thinking about ordering one but not sure because of a few things. It says no VGA port instead you get a HDMI and DVI port which isnt bad. I could get an VGA-HDMI adaptor but not sure if it will come with one. The L2 cache is only 512kb will that be enought? A review says the ram is 800MHZ DDR2 which is good. The HDD should be 7200RPM should'nt it. And finally will this baby fit a TV tuner card in it or will i have to get a USB one (do they actually work ok). Thankyou for your help


    personally i wouldnt touch acer with a bargepole there tech support sucks (big time) and there hardware despite bein cheap generally isnt all that great quality and has heaps of problems (my acer laptop only lasted 6 months!)

    but then im sure others will say they are good so its really dependant on your own opinions just thought id get my 2 pence in for what its worth!

    This will be fine for internet use. But it has no upgrade capabilities. It wont be good as a home theatre pc as you cant upgrade the graphics card or optical drive or add another hard disk. If you need a slim box computer look at the Dell inspiron 530s. You can put in a low profile tv card in this. Later on you could add a low pro graphics and a bluray/hd-dvd drive and another big hard disk and have a good HTCP. I normally buy my Dells from the outlet when they do money off and free delivery.
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