Acer Aspire M3641 quad core q6600

    Can anybody tell me whether the following desktop (no monitor) with spec is worth it for£361.00.

    quad core q6600
    3gb (DDRii)
    500 gb mem
    Blu-Ray & HD-DVD combo drive
    built in graphics card (no further details on box)
    integrated audio (no further details on box)
    LAN 10/100/1000


    sounds good for the price

    Original Poster

    cheers dude

    sounds pretty good for the price......

    yep good

    VERY good value if from a retailer and 12months warranty

    If 2nd hand try and haggle down to nearer £300, bear in mind you can custom build a budget quadcore for around £300...

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    cheers to all.

    bought the machine from Tesco so yeah 12 months warranty.

    machine super quick and a lot quieter than my old machine.

    have about 100 HD--DVDs so again ideal. think this was the deal clincher for me.

    thanks again.

    Sounds like a good deal, maybe you should post it.…spx

    was it that one? at a discount?

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    Nah, they had that one there as well but @ £449.00.

    would you mind posting the details of the computer, i.e. where to get it etc?
    I'd like to check it out.... its pretty damn good for the price!

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    Bought the computer in Tesco Home Plus, Hartcliffe Bristol. Not sure if they had any more. You could try and phone around the Tesco stores to see if they have any in stock. The one for £449.00 had gone as well!!

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    The computer has also has built in graphics card - NVidia GEforce7100 - 630i -motherboard -
    and has Windows Vista Premium.
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