Acer Aspire One A150X White or similar

Found 7th Oct 2008
i looking for the cheapest !gGB with 120GB HD Acer Aspire One A150X White N270 , best I've seen is £269.99 at tesco direct.

Is this the best model with XP? or would you suggest another model at a better price?

Also do any come with CD players???
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None have cd/dvd drives and you are correct that the spec with XP/120gb/1gb is the better spec, unless you prefer Linux. Make sure you get the 6 cell battery option and not the 3 cell.

If you need a cd/dvd drive you might be better with a small 12.1" laptop instead of a netbook.

none of the 'netbooks' have DVD drives, but there are other laptops of the same size that do. As far as I know they start at about double the current price you're looking at though.
Hi mate yea i have that model the 1gb 120gb hard drive version!

Cheapest place i found was comet it was 224.99 i reserved one online for store pick up!
also can put xp on it yourself its cheaper just buy ur self an external dvdrom dive and your away!
Costco if you have a card. £199.99 plus vat for the 1gig ram, 120gig hard disk, XP version
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