Acer Aspire One and XP

    was looking for a little bit of help i installed a stripped down version of windows xp onto my (linux) aao and now my cpu is running close to 100% all the time. what could be causing this?



    could it be indexing?

    try re-installing

    Did you get your copy of XP from the Internet e.g. torrent site? If so then it's probably a virus.

    My Full XP runs great on my Acer One... Only 1GB fitted and very quick....


    OP.... Obviously your Linux Acer has the little daft 8GB SS Drive and no 120GB or 160GB !

    Am I right ?

    If so and your wanting to run XP, i'd defo get a machine with a HDD

    Or bite the bullet and just install XP on the 8GB, Obviously (If this is the case) you dont need a Netbook with a lot of storage space or you would have bought a unit with 120GB +


    Original Poster

    err. ive got the harddrive version. and i'm using an install disk that i stripped down with nLite. I've installed the same iso on a virtual machine and im getting a few errors so im going to have a go at stripping it down again and reinstalling. i let you know if its running properly when i redo it.

    out of interest what antivirus are you using on the aao? is anyone running ms office 2007, if so how does it run?
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