Acer Aspire One AOA150-Bp cheapest price??

    hi does anybody know where i can get the Acer Aspire One AOA150-Bp for cheaper then £269 its the brown or blue one. 8.9" 160gb hardrive 1g ram 1.6 proces and Windows Xp operating system.

    I really want it.

    Thanks in advance guys x


    Original Poster

    ahh thanks for looking just thats the linux operating system with 512 ram i need windows xp with 1gb ram
    cheers anyway xx

    babezone, i'm looking for the exact same notebook can't find it anywhere on the uk. let me know if you find it anywhere!

    have you found it for £269 then?

    don't know about babezone but i'm looking for the 6 cell version, which only seems to be sold in the U.S and won't ship to the U.K:…=pc

    Original Poster

    im not entirely sure what diff the 6 cell one is but ive found it for 269 on here…asp
    ive only seen the 3 cell not sure wat the diff is??

    3 cell absically has around 2 and a half hours battery, the 6 cell evrsion doubles that.

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    ahh right ..guess it depends wat ya guna use it for really. can you not get a 6cell to attach onto it on ebay x
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