Acer Aspire One - Help

    Hi, am hoping someone might be able to help with a bit of advice please -

    I have an Acer Aspire One netbook and for some reason today it wont connect wireless to my broadband :o(
    I know the router is ok as i can connect other things wireless.
    Anyone any ideas on what else i can check before getting it looked at?

    Thanks in advance for any help - muchly appreciated


    there is a small button on the front of the computer that needs pressing or moving to one side. its the very front on the left I think
    my daughters got one and we had the same problem

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    the wireless button at the front is lit. Was working fine up until i switched it on this morning :o(

    How do i uninstall/reinstall the drivers - dont mean to sound thick but cant help it coz im clueless when it comes to them going wrong.

    can you get internet on it if you connect via a cable to router. if so use windows updates to see if there is a driver to update for wireless.

    Which model number and operating system are you using ?…ire

    on computer with internet download and save to a usb pen extract it then run set up if there is one (edit there is run setup.exe)

    I have guessed which model number you have so maybe the driver is not for the whole series.

    Might be best to wait until. you have posted model number and then I can get the proper link

    [COLOR="black"]only for XP[/COLOR]

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    It connects to internet via the cable - im on it now. Its a ZG5 running Linux.
    Thanks for your help


    How do you know they have XP?

    I just said I guessed.

    So if linux cassie you need a different approach…lem

    1)Go to Files, then My Documents.2)In the left pane, scroll to the top … 1)Go to Files, then My Documents.2)In the left pane, scroll to the top and select "Home"3)Under the My Documents window, go to File and then select Terminal.4) From terminal type:sudo5) Then type:gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /system/networking(make sure you leave a space between each of "sudo" "gconftool-2" "--recursive-unset" and "/system/networking")

    reboot after that see if it comes back on if not then a restore as dcx suggested.

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    thank you - am gonna try it now

    I was abroad last yearand had a similar problem.

    Because of the worldwide support centre I was sorted in no time at all.

    I emailed the support centre giving them all relevant details and received a prompt reply with step-by-step instructions on how to rectify.

    It involved the USB thingy referred to above but was no problem.

    All the best


    I run Linux on my Aspire and sometimes lose wireless if the machine shuts down unexpectedly ie battery runs flat. The following fixes it, just copy and paste into terminal as required. I have this process saved in my documents as its more than I can do to remember it:whistling:

    If you lose the network icon then:
    rightclick on desktop
    select terminal
    type following command to remove corrupt network files, then reboot, previous network passwords will be lost
    rm -rf ~/.gconf/system/networking

    To set time from the internet go to terminal and type:
    sudo ntpdate
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