Acer Aspire One RAM Upgrade (SSD XP) help please

I installed a 1GB RAM stick into an Acer Aspire One 16GB SSD model with XP - the netbook from the recent Tesco deal (see below for link), but it won't go back together again. There's a bit at the top right of the motherboard that I can't get to slot in. Can anyone please help. I've installed RAM in another Acer Aspire One (the ASDA deal) and managed it no problem, but that was the 160 GB HDD model.


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Link to Tesco deal…co-that would help.

p.s. I had a look on the Acer Aprire One user forum, but never saw anything that would help.

When I did mine I followed this ]guide.

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That's good to see. The bit that I can't get is to line the motherboard up and sllot the top right end under the slot it needs to into. I took it out, so presumably I can get it to back in?

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Success, I had to open the hatch at the back and detach the module inside, attach it to the motherboard and then re-insert the module into it's allocated space. Phew!!!!!
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