Acer Aspire One...Password probs??/ Help please

    Could anyone help, i purchased an Acer Aspire One from Boffer and it came today.
    It was sold as new but when i turned it on it had already had a password created...eek
    So when i try to install my drivers for my Vodafone mobile dongle it needs my password in the terminal but I don't know it.

    I emailed Boffer but they have emailed back asking for more info and they have not gotten back to me as yet.

    Its annoying as I also need this password in order to set a new password.

    Grrr anyone have any clues?
    I think whoever had this before me is the only one that knows the
    Do you think I will need to return it?

    Help appreciated


    What OS is it running?

    Original Poster

    It's linux at the mo

    You should be able to boot it into "single user mode" (run level one), which will get you into a root shell without the need for a password. Form there you can change the password to whatever you like.

    What version of linux is it?

    If it has a grub bootloader screen that comes up after the bios you should be able to edit the run level by doing something like:
    press the "e" key to edit and edit the kernel line (normally the 2nd line), add the word "single" (or number "1") (without quotes) to the end of the line, hit return and press "b" to boot.
    Once it's booted into the root shell type passwd root (to change the root password). Reboot (type "init 6" or "shutdown -r -t now") and all should be sorted!

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    Thanx for your help, after speaking with Boffer they agreed to do a collection and full refund as i shouldn't have received it like this.
    I went for a Mini 9 instead as it was the next best price.
    Thanx though rep added

    I think linpus is just a derivative of Fedora core 8.
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