Acer Desktop CPU without the Monitor ?

    Hi, Long time before I have seen deals on a Acer CPU on think) .The CPU looks like a small ,sexy unit which we can plug into our TV or external monitor. I was searching it for the past 1 week but could't get it. Could you guyz please point me where I can get only Standalone CPU's that sits very nice nearby the TV in the living room?


    CPU? Do you mean base unit? Try googling "Acer Aspire Revo".

    The revo is what you are looking for. I have the R3600 which has now been discontinued, but were only £150 new. You will be looking for the R3610 which are more pricey.

    It is pretty awesome as a HTPC (Home Theatre PC)

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    OH YES THIS THE ONE! Thanks very much guyz!! don't mind to pay some extra quid for better configuration....cheers
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