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Found 30th Nov 2005
I need a new laptop (this one's in use for over 100 hours per week) and quite like the look and spec of the Acer Ferrari 4005WLMi. I need to develop software and demo it so need something powerful and good-looking. Initial cost isn't so much of an issue; it's a business purchase so I can claim back the VAT and write a lot of the rest off against tax.
I've looked at the normal price comparison sites but wondered if anybody else knew any other sources. Oh, I know they're only £99 on eBay
Alternatively I'd look at anything from HP/Compaq or Toshiba in a similar bracket if anybody has any recommendations. One of my programmers has an Alienware machine which is great but it struck me as expensive and has glowing eyes on it :roll: I must have XP Pro as I need to run a Web Server which isn't in the Home version. Thanks in advance!
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Which configuration do you need? They come in three flavours ranging from roughly 1100 (LX.FR405.033) to 1300 (LX.FR40M.020). Looks like the only difference is Windows type (Home, Pro or x64) though.
Also, previous Ferraris (3400 and 3200) were about 10% slower than competition (for example, Asus A4S00K). Not sure about new one.
I need the XP Pro one. I could buy the cheaper XP Home one and reformat it to XP Pro but it's a lot of hassle and you lose all the utilities etc. This one seems a bit better on performance; I think it has a 5400rpm drive instead of the 4200rpm in the earlier machines.
I also like the fact that the extended warranty is reasonable. It will be on for 90-100 hours per week!
I'm currently runing a Compaq Presario 2529EA which I've had for about 18 months. Starting to show its age now and the screen is getting dim. Still, it's been used for about 7000 hours without a problem.
Not too bad. I don't pay VAT so that brings it below £1100. I'll see if there are any good Quidco deals going as well. Thanks!
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