Acer G24 Widescreen Gaming LCD Monitor - Orange/Black (Pre-Order)

This monitor looks like a beast. I aint to keen on the colour but i will get used to it. Just wanted to see people's opinions on this as its the first 50,000 contrast monitor out. I am not sure of the release date yet. Only found it on OcUK at £339.50 delivied. I want this and a decent spec laptop for under £600. Not sure if it is a TN Panel or not.



There is no UK release date yet for the G24, I would suggest that it will be towards the end of the year. No UK pricing has been officially released yet (I receive all advanced pricing from Acer as my company is an Acer partner) so the price on Overclockers can only be taken as a guestimate.

I agree about the colour not being for everyone, but nice monitor specs.


When it was announced with the amazing contrast figure AND a 2ms response time I did seriously wonder if this was going to be the first of a new generation of monitors or even a new type of LCD that could be the holy grail offering both great image quality and great gaming.

But if the specs on OcUK are accurate then it just looks like another TN with lying statistics and a 'gamer' tag put on it by people who aren't gamers. It'll have a lot of work to do if it's going beat the similar offerings from BenQ and iiyama, especially with it's higher price tag.
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