Found 19th Jan 2009
i phoned the insurance today and basically i paid 153 for my sons 8.9 notebook so they gave me 125 which when i went onto internet banking is already in my account but they did say that as i,m a lloyds customer this would happen, anyway i have been quoted 100/150 for a new screen for it and i,m not sure what to do as i dont have to put much to it and get another one but at the same time i have the receipt for tesco from december so could this be sold on for spares or repairs do you think?


Are you saying that the screen is broken already?:w00t:

I'd just buy another one (different brand) and sell the parts as you suggested.

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yep the two of them were fighting! the screen seems to have a dent in it but its not cracked or actually broken if you know what a mean? i cant find the same one now as tesco have stopped doing them now! think its easier to sell it on and buy a new one!

Lol when i broke my vaio's screen sony quoted me £750!!, i was like no f'ing way thats more than the laptop itself! :x

ended up buying a replacement screen off ebay and fitting it myself for £80 :-D

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dont think a could fit one myself though! and i,m blond so 2 problems in one!
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