Acer laptop hdd clicking

Hey all, just bought this laptop…99/

Amongst some people saying that acers were crap lol, i defended them lol.

Anyhoo, It sitting on my desk, when im doing something, everything is fine on it. But when i leave it, the hard drive clicks.

It sounds like the click of death but it isnt cos the system is 100% stable and chkdsk finds nothing. - Plus it would do it when I was doing things.

Perhaps this is a vista thing?


I have the same problem with my Dell Vostro 1400 laptop. I have no idea whats wrong with it but lots of other users have reported the same issue.

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yer doing a google search does suggest that vista has an issue like this. I just dont know tho. I have installed my last licence of office on this machine and if it screws up i will be p!ssed lol.

If anyone else has any ideas, lemme know lol.

I think this may be a service of some kind checking the drive every couple of seconds. It only does it when system idle.

Vista / Google desktop does include indexing services which check your hdd when idle for new content etc. This can result in spin up/spin down and head access which could be the source of the clicking. Also other services such as virus checkers/backup services also only tend to kick in whilst the machine is 'idle'.
You could use task manager to check which processes are running and then google them one by one to see what they are and if they exhibit this behaviour.

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hey all, thanks for your replies. I actually now think this is faulty. click is getting worse. So trying to organise a replacement hdd.

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