acer laptop problem

    Hi all. I have an acer laptop and just recently it has started flickering, ending with the screen going completely black. My question/s is/are this.....why is it doing this?
    Is it on the way out?
    Is there an easy fix.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Could be any number of things such as failed backlight/inverter, loose/damaged wire or connector, failed graphic card, dry joint etc.. I would advise doing a Google search for your particular model to see if there any known issues and take it from there.

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    thank you buddy. will do that.

    First check inside (open it up if you are competent - plenty of tutorials on youtube etc) and check firstly for overheating caused by excessive dust around fan and vents

    Do not use compressed air - you'll just move it around inside the laptop to eventually cause more issues

    If that's not the issue - as a904lea stated or check graphic drivers - could be updated version failed to install correctly or old outdated needs updating

    Also to rule out graphics chip connect to an external monitor if possible. Although could be a driver issue so update them if you can although sounds more like an hardware issue.

    Does the monitor come back at all if your move the screen back toward you to away from you a bit or if you move the laptop around or is it after a certain amount of time from when you switch it on? if it is the first then it may just be a loose connection but if it is the latter then it is probably more serious.

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    Thank you. I appreciate all your comments and you are all obviously more savvy than I am. It just flickers getting progressively worse then disappears altogether but when I press the power button to essentially put it to sleep and then put it on again, it works fine. Its almost like when there's an electrical storm and your television flickers.

    Sounds like possibly a dry solder joint to me, as you use the laptop the joint heats up and expands then looses the connection, when you put it to sleep the joint cools a bit and the connection is made again. No way to know for sure without a technician looking at it and most would just say either replace the mainboard or buy a new laptop. You dont say how old the laptop is, it is possibly still under warranty?
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    No, its 6or 7 years old now I think. Might take it in to a professional. Thank you zaphodbeeblebrox. Appreciate your help and thanks to everyone else that commented too.
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