Acer One Dual Display Issues with Win 7

    My son has an Acer One A0A150 with Windows 7 and Ubuntu installed. This has been working for months.

    Today He decided to connect the netbook to the TV ( this has worked in the past ) today it won't work properly.

    Now he has the issue that Win 7 boots up but the panel display is blank. If I plug a monitor in, the monitor and the panel both activate.

    With both displays active, I've reset the display to be single screen (netbook) made sure the resolution etc are OK and it looks fine BUT as soon as I unplug the monitor the panel goes blank..

    Plug the monitor back in and the screen works fine..

    Ubuntu is working fine, so we know the netbook and screen are OK and that it's setting issue in Win 7, but we can't find what is missing.

    The display is defiantly set as a single display set @ 1024 x 600, but as soon as the VGA cable for the monitor is removed, the netbooks panel blanks.

    I'm assuming a video driver reinstall may help, but has anyone seen this before ??

    Any ideas ? Thanks


    Original Poster

    Thanks. Strange thing is it works fine on the monitor. On the netbook we don't get the login screen or anything else. Just a blank screen until I plug the monitor in.

    Will the fix they mention help ?

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    Tried the fixes.. nothing helped.
    In the end we rolled back the PC.

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