Acer One v Samsung NC10. Which one please?

    I'm thinking of getting a netbook and am kind of stuck with a choice between the Acer One and the Samsung NC10.

    Acer A150…spx
    Samsung NC10…ns/

    Can someone please help me with these choices or should I consider any others?

    The Eee PC 1000HE looks tempting as well, but for the price tag.…htm

    Thanks in advance


    NC10 no question about it. The only downside is that it is slightly more expensive but it's worth it imo!


    got both nc10 the best by a long way dont consider anymore buy samsung nc10
    cant fault mine at all

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    Thanks! I guess I'll check out those NC10 deals on here and go with it.

    NC10 all the way - read all the online reports.

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    I've read about the notorious this an issue with the NC10?

    NC10 - its great! Get one, you won't be disappointed.

    What you read about the trackpad? I haven't had a problem with mine.

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    Does anyone know if it's worth waiting for better Samsung models or a price drop on this one?

    With regards to the trackpad, probably got confused with another laptop.

    The issue that you may have heard regarding the track pad is that there aren't two distinct buttons.

    Not that you would want to press both at the same time anyway!

    It's a kind of tilt thing.

    You may want to hold off buying, only because the N120 is out and in theory you'd expect prices to fall on the NC10 as there's little between the two systems. Battery life and keyboard size are the only differences that I have read about so far.

    this is a bit of a tricky question to ask as most peoples opinion will be slightly biased!

    a lot of people managed to get the acer aspire one A150 for the bargain price of £129.99 when Tesco were clearing them out.

    at the time

    you could buy the acer aspire one for £129
    or the samsung NC10 for £299

    as a result there was only one winner on price - the acer aspire one

    now if i had to buy one pronto and the acer was at its usual price of £229 and the samsung say at £299 id be more inclined for the samsung NC10, bigger screen, battery life of upto 8 hours with the acer (its just 2.5hours) , comes with XP, has bluetooth and is better built

    i have used both, i had the samsung first which i sold, needed the money, and its just not as comfortable replacement for a laptop (screen is smaller, no place to rest ur wrist etc). i only bought the acer aspire one cos at £129 it was an impulse buy for something so cheap!

    Well I have owned several Acer One A150s in the space of 3 months .. good side small. I paid £150 from Asda. Just changed to NC10 (got it on the £243 deal) and have to say it is fantastic - better build quality and clearer no reflective screen (you can easily use outdoors) and slightly bigger surface area.

    The NC10 uses XP but I also installed Windows 7 which seems to work much better than Vista (on my Dell) and found all drivers for NC10. XP Much better for things like Skype etc. than Linpus Linux which most of the cheaper Acer's use.

    Keyboard on the NC10 I think is better. Trackpad is just perfect .. don't know really what the comments are about.

    Camera in NC10 is better and speakers about the same as the Acer.

    Memory upgrade 10 seconds on the NC10 ... 20 mins and some fiddling for the Acer.

    First one I had had to be taken back for BIOS to be reset before I could continue when installing Windows which was a bit naff. Got it back and installed Windows OK though. To be fair Acer sent a courier to pick up and return and was back in a couple of days which I thought was excellent ! Great response when you have a problem within warranty.

    Battery life is the best bit for the NC10 (apart from the screen) more than 6 hours when you are just browsing. Nice. :thumbsup:
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