Acer revo 3700

    was hoping for some advice please, I need a new comp as my laptop has died and i am not willing to buy another as i dont think they last. So i found the acer revo but wanted to know if you thought it would be a good replacement. It will be for the bedroom mainly but the size means i can just hook it in the living room if i want etc.
    Will it be capable of everything i did on my laptop apart from playing discs?
    Downloading films and music (legitimatly)?
    general browsing of the internet ?
    what is the processor like?
    Many thanx in advance for the help


    yes its a good piece of kit for £200
    yes to all your questions
    does your tv have hdmi its the best connection if possible
    processer is nippy enough but even better with another 2gb of ram for £16 really speed it up

    Original Poster

    Yeah my tv has HDMI, Seems there are various options to choose from with regards or Hard drive & RAM
    Many thanx for your help

    i bagged the 3700 with 250gb and win7 hp 2gb ram new £200 del

    not sure if this is of some help, some helpful threads here & here, may give you a few pointers on what you can do & how to do it.
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