Acer Vista Upgrade via ModusLink P&P Price?

    ModusLink are sending out Vista upgrade discs to people who puchase a PC between October 2006 and March 2007, subject to a handling fee.

    What's this fee? Does anyone know?


    One site I saw was the handling fee was to cover postage and packaging and was £26!!!!

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    Exactly, hence the asking lol.

    Oh found the following review on vista all in all I think its crap

    When Microsoft released Windows XP, it was a massive step up from Windows 2000 or any other previous versions of Windows, simply because it introduced a tidier new look, easier to use controls, and more. When XP Service Pack 2 was released it improved Windows XP even further, mostly with new security features.

    Windows Vista has not been designed very well. It doesn't do much more than Windows XP SP2, and the only new features it includes are a few desktop gimics, a new skin, and a slightly improved Security Centre. Another disadvantage to Windows Vista is, to be able to view the new Windows Aero skin, you have to have a machine with at least 1024MB of RAM, 128MB Graphics Chip, and to get it to run smoothly, about 100GB of Hard Disk space as well as a 3Ghz Processor.

    My advice to anyone considering changing to Vista, is simply don't. You would be wasting your money. I have tested the Windows Vista Pre-release versions and it is very poor, if you have a "low-end machine". Also Microsoft are rumoured to be releasing a third Service Pack for Windows XP in 2008, so users of Windows XP, if it's not broken, don't fix it!

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    its about £14.95

    it is £14.14 including vat
    you have to send your purchase receipt to the Netherlands too for them to validate your claim which is a pain. Anyone had their upgrade yet?

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