Acer v's Dell

    About to purchase a laptop - which is better Acer or Dell


    both bad as each other but if i had to favour one it would be dell


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    We've had I Acer and 5 Dells (just ordered another one this morning), wouldn't buy another Acer. . .

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    so difficult thought I had made a choice. £400.00 is my budget. Home computing, internet, photos, webcam and wireless. nothing fancy.

    I'd go for dell. They seem better built as well imo.

    purchased a acer at the begging of the year had no problems so far so it would have to be a acer for me

    4 Acer's in house and 2 floors of them where I work. That was after the contract for Dell run out and was replaced with Acer.......................Never has so much problems with computers/servers and Dell customer care/maintenance contract with Dell..................They are terrible.

    And as said earlier construction materials used on Dell units are we had were crap.

    I like the Acer's we have and would not give Dell a glance when thinking of any computer product or anything Dell makes.

    My personal experience.

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