Acer Warranty help

    My acer laptop has a crack in the screen now, and goes blury when i move it ect
    with the laptop, i have a acer warranty booklet and it says something about a 1 year limited warranty card, i also have the Receipt, and i brought the laptop in Jan 08

    Will i be covered to get it replaced or not?


    I had a prblem with my Maxdata and they took it back and then tried to bill me nearly £200(it was 10 months old), when I refused they sent it back with the power cable broken inside, the fault was with the hinge. I got on to the M.D, and expalined that it was not legal to return something with cosmetic damage in a non usable state, they took it back but still refused to mend the hinge, when it came back every programme was wiped.

    when my sister in law sent her pc back for repair from currys/comet cant rememeber which it came back with everything wiped off it the divs didnt even say they were gonna do anything like that i made such a do about it to a manger they gave us some vouchers and free programmes but it was still annoying to have to put everything back on the pc

    Was this by any chance bought from Asda?

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    Was this by any chance bought from Asda?

    Mine was from tesco....£299

    Bought an Acer laptop last week from Asda for £250 (sister works there) and Asda gave a guarantee thingy so we can take it back to Asda. Cam you get it replaced from Tesco? Worth a shot.

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    Supose it worth a try, doubt they will doh, do warranties cover damage caused by the owner or not?

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    Do not buy Acer - simple as that - for those who did, if your product is still under warranty make sure that you record every single communication with Acer as they ll try to extend a simple repair process for weeks till your warranty expires. If the damage was not caused by yourself, than the hardware is warrantied - otherwise if accidental damage check you home insurance/content as it is probably covered.

    failure and should be covered - if caused by yourself than more like an accidental damage hence not manufacturer covered but more likely covered by your home/conten insurance.

    I am taking my Acer 5720 back tomorow, been a good laptop but has had minor problems since the start. Now the fan is dead and it overheats like hell and i cant even be assed with warranty, Asda said they would give a full refund so i am going to pay £40 more and get a reliable HP from Tesco.
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