Acer Warranty on laptop purchased from Currys PC World

Posted 10th May 2021
8 months ago I purchased an Acer Nitro 5 laptop from Currys eBay.

I had a few minor issues and contacted Acer to request a repair but was told I have to go through Currys, not Acer directly.

I was willing to deal with this and purchase the warranty plan shown below directly from Acer
3722181-Gy2oS.jpgI was hoping to make use of this warranty but was told by Acer customer service that my warranty can only be extended by Currys and not Acer directly.

I would prefer to go direct with Acer, not dealing with Currys in the middle (Have had bad experiences in the past with their repairs)

Has anyone experienced this issue before and is there anyway to get extended warranty from Acer?

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