acer windows 7

    we just got our acer windows 7 upgrade at first it wouldnt upgrade so it recommended full install so we done that and after one day the mrs dont like it ..can I sell it as it seems to be full version and would anyone like it5
    so if they do please say so I can post a forsale thread and what they think its worth to them

    not sure if its been activated or not would that matter it has the hologram licence on the packet


    If you have activated it, it's worth anything as such.

    It would, as if you have used the serial number and activated it, nobody else can use it.

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    so its not like xp or vista licence codes then . which you just use and use and use then when you do get problems use the validation tool

    IF it is activated then yes, they can use to install, but would not activate, would say this has been used. So you would need a new serial or activation tool which is illegal. But would meen your just selling the disc, worth just a few quid.

    Right click on my computer, then properties. at the bottom, it will say activated or needs activating, so will show you.

    Another thing would be to keep windows 7, and download a theme to make it look like xp or vista, there are many, plus you get to stry up to date with windows 7.

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    hmm we just restored back to vista having so many problems didnt even look on activation page dont remember going to a ms site oh well i'll leave it in the box might have a use for it later in life

    first person I've seen not liking WIN7, whats not to like?

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    i liked it myself but the mrs said its slower on facebook apps and the annoying tab at the bottom of the page your have to click twice to get back to a message window
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