Ack think I have damaged my D : drive on pc

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Found 2nd Dec 2010
Knocked pc when it was on and it powered itself off.

This was Tuesday night, and it seemed to work great then, but trying it today it has been having many issues.

Tried opening a video file saved to drive and it refused to start, tried restarting pc with no luck, then copied it to C drive and it worked first time. I tried defragmenting D drive and normally it takes seconds as its not fragmented but was taking about a hour to just defrag 1 gig of hard drive space I reinstalled windows and the issues have mostly gone away but when I tried reinstalling 2 games onto drive instead of taking about 1 minute took about 20.

Why has the access speed changed?



reformat drive!

no idea why you chose to reinstall windows lol

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Hmm did think of that as a last resort.

Did a disk check which took about 3 hours that said theres no bad sectors so will try and reformat. If that doesnt do the job somethings up.

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Seems sorted now, I just removed Sata power and data cables from everything, and then reconnected and it worked fine so it may of just got a bis misangled when I moved pc.
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