ACL Reconstruction and Meniscus medial and lateral root repair

Found 23rd Oct 2017
I'm not hoping for much here but it's worth a try and anyone who has been through the same surgery may be able to share their experience

12 days ago I had the above surgery and I'm now on a 12 week waiting list for physio

I'm currently in a 90 degree flexion full extension brace with 50% weight bearing allowed using crutches (I started off in a fully extended brace) and I have been told to bend to 90 degrees 20 times an hour along with a few other exercises and to ice occasionally

I'm basically looking to find out if the above seems alright regarding recovery/ the physio wait time. I'm particularly worried about the meniscus becoming detached from its sockets again and the graft which came from my hamstring failing

I have had two falls where I stepped fully on the bad leg and today doing my exercises bending I felt a twinge

Any help would be great
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