Acoustic Guitar

    would like to start to learn guitar, and really want an acoustic (love the sound).

    i remember there was a few deals for guitars a while ago, but they got slated for being rubbishly produced.

    any info on a decent (but not too expensive) brand, or any good offers.


    also, if anyone knows good books to learn chords etc, that would also be good.


    hey check out the yahama starting line guitars their pretty decent.

    not so much a book but check out its got a great cd you can order. wish i followed these steps when first starting out saves alot of time getting straight into good habits.

    A cheapy should do the job to get you started.
    I bought a guitar from ebuyer as my first and was very pleased with it as something to learn on and for the price it was great (£20).
    Although i have since picked up a used gibson epiphone acoustic and the difference is huge, it sounds much nicer and its easier to play as it has a lower action.
    I just use the ebuyer one for taking to festivals etc. now, but glad i got it.

    Check this site out for great lessons with you tube vids. Its free too :thumbsup:


    good luck with it

    this is a great guitar to learn on. £99 and best of all its a fender!


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    sorry about not replying for a while! i got distracted with stuff. and got a guitar yesterday for my birthday (didnt know i was gettin it)!!!!

    its a yamaha f310, which sounds great to me!!

    played a bunch yesterday, my fingers ache the strings are quite thin on 1 + 2 which cuts in a bit.
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