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Found 28th Feb 2007
Looking at learning to play the guitar so dont wanna spend too much on a good learning guitar.
Wanna keep the costs below say £70 really.
Seen a couple on Ebuyer.com for like £30 but are these actually any good or are they just knocked up 'handy andy' style with a bit of MDF and some 'no more nails'??

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You'll find few guitars below £150 that haven't been made in the Far East or China, electric or acoustic. Thats just how the market is nowadays.

The Ebuyer guitars are well reviewed and are very cheap, with regular weekly 1/2 hour lessons it will be 6 months before most people can start to knock out something that people recognise.

For £100 you could pick up an electro-acoustic, best of both worlds and its a Stagg which is 'named brand'. You can add an amp later to alter your sound, volume etc

Have a look at AireGuitars on Ebay, they have a good reputation.

Remember you'll also want a tuner, a Korg GA30 sells on Ebay for £10ish, some pluctrums, a music stand is a must as is a guitar stand, a metronome too maybe.

It all starts to add up !

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Nice one thanks, I shall give that a look.
Open to more suggestions if anyone has any?

Thanks for the reply though mjr600, much appreciated.

You might wanna try some well known online guitar shops. You might end up paying a bit more than the £30 that ebuyer are offering, but then i would trust a guitar shop more than the likes of ebuyer when it comes to buying a guitar!

Merchant City Music have some decent entry level acoustics starting at £49:

They also offer some decent starter packages with all the essentials you need like plectrums, case, tuner (ESSENTIAL!) etc.:


Regent Guitars are also a good guitar shop, they are a bit dearer again but they have some good starter guitars for around £79 upwards, and these are "brand" names guitars such as Aria:


Hope this helps :thumbsup:

I got the guitar from eBuyer. Excellent! Its cheap, cheerful and easy!
I wouldn't spend loads for when you are just starting out. When you can actually play, thats when I would spend more!

Do a search for eMedia Guitar Method too - Good bit of software!!! [SIZE="1"](I can supply this for you, at a cost maybe :? :whistling: )[/SIZE]
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