ACS Law UK Loses Illegal Broadband ISP File Sharing Case against 8 Suspects

    A notorious UK solicitors firm, ACS:Law (Andrew Crossley), which specialises in harassing broadband ISP customers whom it believes to have been involved with "illegal" (unlawful) copyright P2P file sharing activity, has lost an attempted case to sue 8 such individuals for damages in the London Patents County Court.



    Haha...Good stuff

    Good news..

    No doubt they'll carry on mass mailing out letters to people (regardless if they have anything on you or not!). Hopefully the information commissioner will fine them over their data breach earlier this year. Not holding out any hope though...

    Being Threatened

    Advice for those who get the letter ;-)
    Edited by: "Squelds" 12th Dec 2010

    Bout time someone stood up to these idiots, scamming innocent people out of money, I feel like writing to the judge to say, thankyou for letting justice prevail!


    Great news!
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