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Found 3rd Feb
I'm off on holiday to Mexico in a few months and have been looking at getting an action camera but didn't want to spend a lot (under £100 ideally).

I know there are a lot of them by makes nobody has heard of, like Yi, Aukey and Apeman to name a few.

Amazon seems to be a decent place to grab one, but any hints/tips (or better yet, direct links) would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
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Yi is Xiaoyi a subsidy of Xiaomi, you know Xiaomi as in the 4th biggest phone company in the world, I'd hardly say they're unheard of...

Anyway I've had the Yi camera for a few years and it's fantastic, often £30 on amazon or the 4k one is about £80.
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OK, so let's say they're relatively unheard of outside of China... Also, they're not the 4th biggest phone company in the world, they're 5th. Feel free to keep up the passive-aggressive posts though, very entertaining.

When I was talking about the 'unheard of' brands, I wasn't suggesting I wouldn't buy one or that people shouldn't, if the products are good then I'll buy it no matter what logo was stuck on the side. I own products by Anker and SoundPeats, neither of which I'd heard of before having their stuff recommended.

Basically what I'm saying is I don't want to pay for a brand name that everyone has heard of (Go Pro) if there is a cheaper alternative which is just as good (or perhaps almost as good) for a quarter of the price.

A little more about what it will be used for; simply a decent camera for holiday videos which is waterproof (to be used while snorkeling and messing around by/in the pool).
The Yi 4K is Techmoans number one action cam, that says a lot to thos who follow him on YouTube, basically apart from GPS and being waterproof without a case it’s as good if not better than a go pro 5, and knocking on the door of the six, battery life is an hour longer as well.

i have have just bought a 4K, I paid £128.00 including waterproof case, above your budget, however I also bought a cross tour action cam for my nephew at Christmas, the build quality is like comparing night and day. My son says, “Buy quality once” it’s a good thing to follow.
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