Activate Sky Sports 5 - Is there a catch?

    Have noticed adverts for Sky Sports 5 and the 2 year free BB offer.

    But, to get the channel the subscriber needs to 'activate' it first?

    I don't want the free BB as it will tie me in a contract for 2 years.

    So, I have been ignoring the emails asking me to activate it.

    Today I see a Red Button on Sky Sports 2 - which is named Activate SS5.

    Never saw this 'activate' option when Sky Sports F1 launched.

    Is there a catch with Activate SS5?


    you can activate the channel without the broadband. press the red button and follow the steps.

    you enter into a 12 month contract is the catch i think

    probably just trying to tie people in so they can't jump ship to BT sports

    You won't be signing up for a new 12 month contract if you activate by pressing the red button.
    You won't be signing up for 2 years "FREE" (these offers always have a cost) broadband unlimited
    You will notice that after you activate the button will still be on the screen. SKY say that button will remain on the screen at least until the launch date of August 12th.

    Even though the activation will have been successful here is a very good chance you will think it has failed because the button is still on the screen. If so you will probably try again. You will then get a message telling you the order cannot be completed and to complete it you must go online.
    When online you will be prompted to activate SS5 and take up the offer of 2 years "FREE" broadband unlimited.
    I'm not saying it's a bad deal but in a years time when BT get most of the European football that most people want to watch you will still be stuck with SKY broadband unlimited for another 12 months. With BT infinity and SKY Fibre giving much faster download speeds you never know what services will be available for faster speeds in 6 month let alone 12 months. So maybe signing up for 24 months of relatively slow broadband might not be a good idea.

    SKY may not have chosen to annoy their customers on purpose by leaving the button on the screen after activation. They may not have deliberately put a misleading message on the screen in order to drive people to the website where they can then get them to sign up to a 24 month contract. However that is the result.

    you will be signing up for a new 12 month contract be activating online or pressing the red button. It's in the terms and conditions
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