Found 15th Dec 2006
Can anyone answer this?

On the forum stats, it shows
Members: 19,274, Active Members: 7,806

What defines an active member?

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I dunno, but ive oftened wondered how many members we truly have that log on on a daily basis.

i THINK it mean there are 19,274 members registered. and 7,806 members logged on and active right now.

I think to be logged as an active member you must have posted in a certain period of time. because above the list of 'who's online now' it says:

Most users ever online was 3,369, Today at 12:40.

I'm sure a mod will let us out of our misery soon

I don't *actually* know what the period of time is, but the "active" members are the ones who have logged on in a certain time period. Presumably it's over a period of a couple of months but I'm not sure...

ah...yeah maybe an active member is someone who is active on the forums...not just registering and not comming back...etc

Active members are those who have posted in the forums I believe :santa:

Count me as an inactive member til at least 3:00pm tomorrow as I'm about to head out and drink copious amounts of alcohol - Anyone got any discount vouchers to lessen the blow?

Have fun everyone! (p.s. If I happen to post between the hours of 4:00am and 8:00am and make a fool of myself, please be gentle).

have fun mbeeching lol :santa:

I don't know the criteria either (I could check) but it's a user who's logged in within a certain time frame I believe. I don't know if they have to post....maybe.
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