Activities for young kids in London that won't break the bank

Posted 15th Dec 2022 (Posted 4 h, 56 m ago)
Hey all, we'll be visiting London in early February - and will have 2 days to go out a bit and explore.
We'll be based in Golders Green/Hendon.

Assuming the weather won't be great, what would your activity recommendations be?

Kids are ages 4 and 3. We don't really want to travel out more than 40 mins by PT.

We'd love to do the London Eye, London Aquarium, but 207 quid seems a little steep for us lol

Any suggestions on cheaper prices to the above, or other ideas that would suit young kids in the UK weather, and not cost an arm and a leg?

Thanks so much in advance.
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    UPDATE: Doing some digging, I've found a £75 family ticket for the London Eye here, and an £89 bundle for the London Aquarium here (using code JINGLE20)

    Can anyone find a better price please?
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    That is an awful lot of money especially if it is a cloudy wet day or closed as it is currently due to the weather. Children might be free? How about a bus ride instead to see the sights?

    You could have a look at 2 for 1 which can be used when travelling by train, but of course they might well be on strike!

    Hope it isn't half term week as it could be a lot busier.
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    The RAF Museum is right there at Hendon and is absolutely fantastic and free. You’ve also got the Natural History Museum and Science Museum right by each other at South Kensington, both are superb and free.
    Another vote for the RAF museum. I thought it would be rubbish for me tbh as planes and engineering aren't at the top of my list of exciting things to experience on a day out, but was really amazed at this place and my lad absolutely loves it - think we've been 5 times in the last year. Great balance of exhibits, nostalgia/history, reverence to the various wars that are represented and hands on stuff for the kids (and adults ) to faff about with. Can easily spend a whole day there - although worth noting that, if on a budget, the car park isn't free.
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    Sky Garden could be a good alternative to the London Eye. It's free and you just need to book a few weeks in advance.

    Great views of London if its a clear day and hasn't cost anything if it isn't.

    Some good suggest on here as well:…-5/ (edited)
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    If you have another Sea Life centre nearer to you then the London Aquarium doesn't offer much more so might not be worth it.

    Depending on what the weather is doing and how much walking the children will put up with you can just go look at Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge and those sort of landmarks.
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    Drop them off on the circle line and collect several hours later
    Seriously depends on where you live. When I lived in South Woodford I took my daughter to Hackney City Farm, and Bethnal Green Children's museum. They were both free and she enjoyed it too, so winner winner, but it also depends on their age.
    Sorry I didn't fully read your post, but have a search for attractions near your destination. (edited)
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    Natural history museum
    Science Museum
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