Actual meter reading is lower than estimated opening reading

Posted 2nd Feb 2022

I've just had my first bill from British Gas since they took over from Neon Reef (in administration).
I didn't give British Gas an opening meter reading and all my meter readings from Neon Reef were all estimates. NR estimated my usage to be 220kWh per month, while my actual usage averages 94kWh per month.
And so British Gas opening reading in Dec was given as 57100, my actual meter reading is 56480.

I've paid my final Neon Reef bill (2 Jan) by direct debit, can I still get a refund from Neon Reef if the closing/opening reading gets adjusted?

I've submitted my reading to BG, just hope they don't think I've used 99,380kWh in two months.

Thanks in advance.
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