Found 9th Oct 2008
When i logged in it said Hi Elizabeth?? Then it got removed, can somebody clarify what it was all about. thanks

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i have no idea but uve had no replies so i thought id show some love....maybe it thought u were the queen, u talk and act just as she does after all! love it when she comes on for her christmas speech and goes on about chuff! x


It was me who originally posted the thread but stupidly cut and pasted the link without realising that my welcome greeting 'Hi Elizabeth' would be displayed to one and all. It was my first thread and I guess I have a lot to learn. Sorry to have messed it up!

Regards, Liz (Appledore)

Original Poster

I know, nobody replied for yonks...eeesh! Thought it was something simple like that Liz, thanks for replying.....and Jelly i nearly wet @ Jamal! Lol!
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