Adaptor Stuck (Suspect Prongs Melted) In Wall Socket? Some Advice Please :)?

Posted 4th Nov 2016
As above. I bought a kettle from Amazon a while back, but to my dismay it had an EU plug. No problem, I thought, I have an EU to UK 13amp adaptor spare, I'll use that. Looks like this -

Kettle was working fine, the plug and wall socket are rarely touched.

Today when using the kettle I noticed a zapping sound (which I now know is arcing), baffling as I wasn't doing anything unusual. So I switched the socket off and took the EU plug out the adaptor, but the adaptor itself is stuck fast to the wall socket! There's no burning or any other ominous signs.

I've read that this can mean the prongs have melted as some sort of bad connection has caused a problem - even that the wall socket itself may need replacing.

I'm a bit fearful of electrics - what should I do? I've read I can turn off the supply at the fuse box and use a blunt instrument to prise it out. I'm guessing that socket is dangerous until I get it inspected?

Will I be okay to simply wire on a UK plug onto the EU kettle (assuming it's still working)?

Thanks. Yours rather nervously,
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