adaway android.

    Ive been having issues with the android app for hukd not updating.. Changed firewall settings, dns adresses etc to no avail.

    Then i disabled my adblock and it updates fine again.

    So it appears that the HuKD app updates through a domain that is idenified as advertising by one or several of the standard go-to advertising blacklists...

    Does anyone have a whitelist for HUKD for the affiliate links used and for the ad link the android app uses to update the site? (so that i can actually use the app without having to disable adaway)



    Ad Away works properly if the phone is rooted and rebooted as requested so that it can update & activate the files needed.

    This app is amazing in that it blocks off all ads in an app.


    I don't remember a whitelist on it so you're left to disable if necessary.

    I'd just use Adguard... Much better and you don't have to root. Costs a few pennies a year but cut out two pints in one year and you've made your money back.

    Used to be all the rage rooting but these days there's not many advantages.

    Original Poster

    There is definitely a whitelist as i use it for a few sites... The problem is that the affiliate links used on the deal buttons on the site are blocked as ads...
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