Addictive jumping game.

Try this if you've got time on your hands.

Post your score below.…php


Up => Small Jump
Space => Big Jump
P => Pause Game


Lol not another one! Only broke free from the 'how fast can you click' game about 30mins ago!

1501 on first attempt

1401 second time!! Getting worse

First attempt: 1401
Second attempt: 1701

:viking: 1701 !!! Can't get passed level 16 !!!!!

Ok, this is todays addictive game

First attempt: 1401
Second Attempt: 1401
Third Attempt: 1401

:giggle: at least I am consistant!

Got to level 17 and still got 1701 points!!!!

mmm...I got stuck on level 13...with 1301 points!

Good game!

1701 first attempt

1401 first attempt. Think the four glasses of wine have numbed my reflexes

1901 !!!!!! Howd ya manage that???

1401 first attempt

1701 2nd attempt


1901 !!!!!! Howd ya manage that???

to be honest i have no idea.....i was watching tv at the time lol

Come were on there for an hour and a half trying to get that score!!

1701 2nd go

Now stop it you guys. You can make a girl feel a failure!! I don't need it on Mothers Day!!! :-(
Try and get past 1701 though Col my O2 deal finder :friends:

2101- how do I
put score screen on here?

Are you lying Col????? :whistling:

Shanecr - how did you get your result screen into the HUKD thread???
Col needs to know so I can see he's not cheating :giggle:

:shock: Cheek[/URL][/IMG]

:oops: your wife got that score!!! :w00t:

press print screen button, open paint and paste it. then crop it, save it, upload to photobucket and voila!! :thumbsup:

and honest, i was watching 2 for the money at the time of playing. :-D

OK, OK I'll admit it!!! I'm crap!!!!!
Wish I could stamp on the little sod and kick his walls down :whistling:


2101, what an irritating little game

its weird. i either get stuck on 1701 or 2201 now lol

Stop showing off now!!!! :x

Just cause I can't do it!!! Can't get past the 1701 mark

hehehe i'm gonna get past 2201. i feel it.



woohooo well done

I'm getting there.........slowly :cry: ............very slowly


i can't beat 2201 can get it but can't beat... this game angers me so much... dunno if its my keyboard not been responsive or thegames a bit buggy... cos when i press space he doesn't jump (at times)...

loving this post never to return lol...

thats how knarked i am with the game :giggle:

I can get to Level 13 without losing a life.

I will defeat it.

2001 !!!! I want to get through it!!!!!!!!
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