Adding a Bank Acc to Paypal - Anyone had this before?

    We just opened a savings account now we have surplus income each month, I decided to add the bank account to the paypal account so we could withdraw funds into the account...

    thing is, it's an Abbey account, and they've given us a generic account number (000500005) and told us to give this and then out customer Ref.

    apparently it's like a holding tank in one giant accoutn and ref's are the actual account info (X13524XXXMAP)

    but paypal does not give me an option for a Ref, when I try just the sort and acc it tells me it's already been registered with another paypal account...

    anyone know what to do?



    you cannot use a savings account with paypal

    It's true.
    You'll have to register your current account and put funds into this first then transfer to your savings

    Well i have my savings account linked to my paypal account and have for a few years so i dont believe that its not possible


    most savings accounts do not allow direct debits setup against them. Obviously yours does but the OP's one does not.

    Original Poster

    ahh, thank you guys.
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