Adding a photo help please xx

    For some reason I can't add a photo in the for sale section. Gone through photobucket and copied the link etc but it's saying that it doesn't exist. Can anyone help please xx


    Pics or you're lying.

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    lol, If I could I would:p

    think you have to enter the whole url including the http bit.

    post the link to the pic lets have a look

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    Am I allowed to do that if I'm selling something? I mean, I don't wanna nt be alowed to sell it for 7 days or something. Get so confussed with all the rules! lol

    if it wont work try using

    copy the image link - IMG Code all of it to post in thread
    Direct Link for when you are submitting the thread


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    Ooh done!! Thanks for help guys. It was because I kept the [IMG] bit on it.
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