adding a vehicle to dart account after crossing?

Posted 16th Jan 2016
we recently changed cars and I only added the vehicle to our dart account after doing the crossing, will the charge be deducted, or are they not going to be capable of doing this in a sensible manner and will instead chase for a penalty charge?
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I believe you get 24 hours to pay for the trip, I think? Go on the dart charge website, I'm sure it will explain it there or call them
Hi mate

You need to pay manually if you added vehicles after crossed.Otherwise will get pcn letter.
I would say wait and check your account in 24hrs to see if it comes off-if not, pay for the single trip.
completely forgot and just seen the email reply saying we will get a pcn charge for crossing. I assume they are enforceable like council and police fines? we'll try a letter back to argue it. We had intention of paying it and seems very silly that they cannot take it from the account.
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