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Technical numpty here. Ordered a digital photo frame for my very elderly mother so that she can see her photos some of which are pushing 100 years old. The frame takes a flash drive or SD card and I'm happy scanning them in and getting them onto the device. But I can't work out how to get a caption to display with the photo. I've tried the bog standard Windows photo editor using the caption option but it doesn't seem to display. Am I doing something wrong and/or is there another (easy) way of getting a caption to display. Thanks in advance!
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If your mother is nearly 100 then how old are you??
Over 21.
There will be plenty of iOS/Android applications that can do this for you. Snapseed is a good photo editing app that can do this but I’m sure there will be much more basic applications available
Thanks. Had a look at Snapseed. It appears to have been discontinued and you can only use it for the duration of the 15 day trial period. I can't see any option for adding text to photos - it seems to do much the same as the Windows editor.
Bit of googling and found info on how to do it with Paint which seems to work!
canva/picmonkey are browser based editing tools. either would be suitable
Gimp if on pc. Its free and lots of youtube videos. I have to watch them every time I so anything with photos. If on phone or tablet snapseed app as mentioned above. It's brilliant and simple to use but as you say not available for pc. Most phones and tablets have a editor in the gallery on device already that will add text, so you could use that without installing any apps
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